maps and directions

Attention: please double check with our maps to make sure that Google Maps or your navigation systems are giving you the correct directions.

100 Beaver Meadows Place, Red Feather Lakes, CO80545


Take the HWY 14 (Mulberry Street) exit from I-25 west into Fort Collins, turn north onto HWY 287 (College Avenue). Go north on HWY 287, 21 miles to Livermore (you’ll want to be watching for The Forks Restaurant, located on the west side of the road), at Livermore turn left onto Red Feather Lakes Road (aka. County Road 74E).   Continue on Red Feather Lakes Road (aka. County Road 74E) for approximately 24 miles until you come to Red Feather Lakes. Continue until you see the Pot Belly Restaurant on the north side of the road; 1000 feet past the Pot Belly, the road bends to the north, turning into Creedmore Lakes Road (aka. County Road 73C). After 1 mile, Creedmore Lakes Road (aka. County Road 73C) will turn into a dirt road. It is 3.3 miles northwest to the Beaver Meadows entryway. You will see a log sign with the Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch logo. Follow the entryway to the main parking lot, located behind the condo building and check-in at the stables office. Red Feather Lakes is 110 miles from Denver (2.5 hours from DIA), 54 miles from Fort Collins (1 hour and 15 minutes), and 60 miles from Cheyenne (1 hour and 15 minutes).

From the Poudre Canyon follow County Road 69 to Red Feather Lakes. Turn west onto Red Feather Lakes Road (aka. County Road 74E), then follow the road northwest as it bends and turns into Creedmore Lakes Road (aka. County Road 73C). Follow Creedmore Lakes Road 4.3 miles to the Beaver Meadows entryway.